The Realm of Beyond

Escape room: The Realm of Beyond
Theme: horror/fantasy
Players: 2-6
Difficulty: high
Accessibility: accessible to the disabled, also in wheelchairs
Kind of Game: Multi-room
Best result: out in 105 minutes
Raverage result after 60 minutes: 44%
Ready for a journey which will challenge your courage? Kidnapped and trapped, the only way to save yourself is to go "beyond", finding your way out to a parallel world. Forget the B-movies, this is not the usual splatter... It 'a psychological horror, starting with you begin blindfolded, handcuffed and ...
"The Realm of Beyond" is a multi-room sensorial real life game, in which, just like in a video game, as you progress with the challenge you will unlock new environments, rooms and playgrounds. To be able to escape you will need to use all your five senses!